FinerEdge Software Introduces Web-based Report Writing

End users can access, create, customize reports from a Web browser

FinerEdge Software has released a new Web-based report writer that can be used from within the company's Publisher, a Web-to-print and enterprise automated publishing solution. The report writer enables secure, automated data retrieval from multiple sources and connections by using dynamic report templates created by authorized document authors. Other users (such as partners or customers) can access these templates in their online personal report writing workspace and customize reports from within their browser.

A template can be made available across the enterprise. Users working with templates can reorder fields in real-time (without the need for a server-side refresh), change field names, alter field widths, hide fields, sort data, total fields, modify the layout design theme, and insert custom images (such as logos). Optional online record filters let users drill-down to detail data. Users can save custom Web-based reports for future updates in their private online workspace.

The solution is built on open standards and designed to run on servers and can be used to create customized and personalized business documents such as catalogs, manuals, legal contracts, and reports across multiple formats (including PDF, PostScript, XPS, XHTML, and RTF) and is enables for Web Services (such as Web-to-Print, XML for B2B data exchange, and Web-based report writing).

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