Pureshare Singleview IT Offers Consolidated View of IT Service Management

Dashboards optimized for help desks, network operations, call centers

PureShare has released PureShare SingleView IT. The Web-based framework monitors IT service-management (ITSM) operations and provides an in-depth view of ITSM operations designed for managers of help desks, network operations centers, and call centers who need quick and timely access to status information. The company says its framework “can track and monitor trends, receive critical alerts about current conditions or events that require immediate attention, and automate data collection from any internal or external source for a more comprehensive view of the factors that have an impact on service levels.”

PureShare CEO Christopher Dean says that the company “brought together metrics and best practices from clients spanning Global 1000 companies through to mid-size organizations into one package. [SingleView] acts as a jump-start, enabling busy managers to eliminate manual reporting and get access to clear, timely answers all in one place. Now they can focus on addressing areas of maximum impact rather than struggling with access to information.”

Metrics are gathered from key systems such as incident, problem and change management, and automated call-distribution systems, as well as network and system-management tools, and knowledge bases. The program can incorporate service-level and operating-level agreements into the interactive dashboards so users can compare service-management performance compared to its objectives. The company says SingleView “enables motivational reporting, an emerging approach to performance management that uses engaging visual display metrics to motivate staff.”

SingleView IT can integrate data in any format from any source, including non-IT applications such as CRM, ERP, and data warehouses.

The dashboards, viewed via a browser, offers views that can be viewed on mobile devices. The framework can be incorporated into Web portals (for example, Microsoft SharePoint). More information is available at http://www.pureshare.com.

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