Oco’s New Open Architecture Expands BI Reach

Lets users leverage product’s integration features

Oco, Inc. (http://www.oco-inc.com) announced an open architecture for its solutions that provides industry standard, secured ODBC and Web-service application programming interfaces (APIs) to the business-targeted content of Oco's data warehouse. Users can now leverage Oco's integration capabilities to deliver business value using tools and other business applications.

Oco provides extraction and integration of information from disparate source systems, organizes and enhances the information, and delivers it to a Web browser for reporting. Using the new open architecture, the same information is available for advanced data analysis. Furthermore, IT departments can now create closed-loop operational BI systems that take action based on insights from the data analysis.

"Our business intelligence solutions address specific business problems," said Mike Beckerle, Oco's CTO, in a company statement. "The open architecture then adds even more value because it allows the Oco solution data to be used in synergy with a wide variety of data warehousing and BI strategies."

Said David P. O'Connell, senior analyst at Nucleus Research, "By creating a more open system, Oco is making it easier to integrate BI with other applications in terms of both functionality and data interoperability. The more open Oco is, the more likely you are to do a BI project, and the easier it is to deliver it on time, on budget, and on scope."

The initiative lets third-party tools work with the company’s solution, which William Copacino, Oco president and CEO says can be up and running in six to ten weeks.

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