Free Online Tool Improves Oracle Performance Analytics, Recommendations for DBAs

Free StatspackAnalyzer tool enhances analysis, customized recommendations for improving performance of Oracle databases

Version 2.0 of is a free online tool that analyzes the data from a user's Oracle Statspack or Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) reports and offers customized recommendations for improving the performance of the user's Oracle database.

Databases are required to support greater transaction volumes and more users, increasing the demand on database performance. Oracle’s Statspack and AWR provide DBAs and consultants extensive and complex database performance statistics, but the length of these reports (as many as 10,000 text lines) make analysis and drawing meaningful conclusions more difficult. pinpoints problem areas and provides analysis and recommendations for improving application performance. version 2.0 now supports Oracle (from version 8 to 11.1) and cross-correlates results between sections of the Statspack report, combining multiple aspects of a Statspack report into a consistent set of recommendations. Users upload their Oracle-generated Statspack or AWR reports and in return get reports that cross-reference and correlate data, helping users assess overall performance and drill down into problem areas. is a free service sponsored by Texas Memory Systems and Burleson Consulting; it can be found at

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