EmpowerID Enforces Roles in SharePoint Server 2007

Identity, entitlement management suite built on a business process management platform

The Dot Net Factory has released EmpowerID Role Enforcer for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, a role-based entitlement management application for SharePoint permissions. The product provides enterprisewide access control, auditing, and enforcement of policies for SharePoint Server 2007 and is available as an optional module for the company’s EmpowerID Version 4.0 Identity and Entitlement Management suite.

The company says its software simplifies SharePoint Server 2007 permission management by “providing a single centralized console for managing and enforcing a standard role-based access control (RBAC) security framework over all enterprise identity, roles, and resources.” This RBAC system leverages Active Directory and other directories to control access and make policy decisions based on a user’s current job function and word location.

EmpowerID Role Enforcer for SharePoint:

  • Reduces administrative costs associated with SharePoint Server 2007 by allowing instant discovery of new sites, control of access permissions, and centralized management

  • Automates permission assignment and revocation as users change job duties or move between within an organization.

  • Provides enterprisewide reporting and attestation for all levels of compliance and audit

More information is available at http://www.empowerid.com or by calling (877) 996-4276.

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