Xangati Virtual Task Manager Displays End-User Activity to Help Desk Staff

New rapid problem identification application provides views of networked application activity

To help front-line support personnel handle performance and productivity issues, Xangati’s new Virtual Task Manager provides rapid problem identification (RPI) for both enterprise and service organizations. The application enables help desk personnel and customer support organizations (CSOs) to improve their responsiveness and resolution resolution rates by providing live views of all end-user interactions and active symptom replay for "cold-case" analysis.

RPI creates a seamless handoff between front-line support and the network operations group so all workers can determine the issue with end users' applications, network performance, and availability.

Key features of the Xangati Virtual Task Manager application include:

  • Live view of each end user's networked application activity

  • Active symptom replay and detailed activity history for fine-grained analysis and reporting

  • Dynamic drilldowns into any related application, server, or peer

  • Proactive alerts about significant behavior changes

  • Scalability to profile and maintain history for 100,000 end users per appliance

Forrester estimates that it takes six calls to the help desk before the source of a problem is identified, which could explain why users are reluctant to contact front-line support. The problem, Xangati says, is that “neither support personnel nor end users have a complete picture of the user's overall networked application activity,” a limitation that restricts help desk to performing “only the most rudimentary of desktop support services.”

With the Xangati Virtual Task Manager, support personnel can access comprehensive information about user activity at every second and can find the related application performance and availability issues, which is often sufficient for support personnel to remediate the problem. Issues can be escalated to the next level of support, where workers can use the same interface to review a history of the issue.

The Xangati Virtual Task Manager application is available as a free software upgrade to current Xangati RPI appliance users; new users can purchase an RPI appliance with the Virtual Task Manager application beginning at $35,000. More information is available at http://www.xangati.com.

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