Prism Patch Manager 6.4 Automates Patch Management

New architecture, features improve scalability, simplify compliance

New Boundary Technologies has released Prism Patch Manager 6.4. The software automates patch management, simplifying proactive vulnerability management tasks such as real-time assessment and remediation and validation and compliance reporting.

More than 6,000 software vulnerabilities were discovered in 2007, the firm said. Prism Patch Manager automatically secures Windows systems from software vulnerabilities and helps IT maintain compliance with corporate policies and industry and government regulations.

Key features of Prism Patch Manager 6.4 include:

  • An agent-based architecture maximizes network efficiency and protects devices when disconnected from the network

  • Robust scalability for large, complex, and distributed environments

  • Patch baselines automatically configure Windows systems to a desired patch compliance level

  • Automated patch-level maintenance sustains a patch baseline for ongoing compliance

  • Comprehensive reporting of software patch compliance

“Growing compliance pressures and limited resources create a challenge for IT departments to keep up with the sheer volume of vulnerabilities and patches,” said Tom Diamond, president of New Boundary Technologies, in a statement. “Prism Patch Manager solves the problem by automating patch management to reduce risk, demonstrate compliance, and lower IT costs.”

Prism Patch Manager collects, analyzes, tests, and deploys patches throughout the organization with minimal impact on IT staff, network resources, and end users. It is offered as a component of its Prism Suite desktop management suite and as an individual product.

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