MX Logic Debuts Service to Ease Security Software, Hardware Burden

Eliminates spam before it reaches the network

MX Logic, Inc. today released MX Perimeter Defense. The entry-level managed security service helps enterprises protect e-mail using their existing hardware and software security products. The service is part of the company's Email Defense Service; according to the company it "reduces bandwidth and e-mail traffic load placed on hardware and software solutions by eliminating more than 60 percent of spam and viruses outside the network perimeter."

The company’s Threat Operations Center claims that as much as 85 percent of all e-mail traffic is spam; the center "filters and monitors more than a billion e-mail messages" daily. Since malicious e-mail in such abundance strains both hardware and software security products, the service helps by eliminating spam before it arrives on the network. This provides an added benefit: lower management and maintenance costs.

The service "compares all inbound messages against an extensive database of known spammer IP addresses maintained and monitored 24x7 by the MX Logic Threat Operation Center," the company noted in a statement. "In addition, it filters against worms and other viruses using the proprietary MX Logic WormTraq virus engine, which intercepts zero-hour mass mailing worms and viruses. Directory Harvest Attacks (DHAs), Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and attachment '.zip bombs' are also filtered and eliminated."

"It's no secret that managed services are clearly a better way to protect email because of the in-the-cloud protection and cost-saving benefits, but that doesn't mean all enterprises can just toss out their existing hardware and software investments," said Ryan Walsh, vice president of product development at MX Logic, in the statement.

Pricing for MX Perimeter Defense is based on the number of users per month and is sold on a monthly basis so no long-term contract is needed. No hardware or software installation is required; users "redirect their mail exchange (MX) record to MX Logic, and the service begins filtering all inbound messages," according to the statement.

More information about the service is available at

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