MessageLabs Releases Email Continuity

Product promises to cut back on downtime caused by e-mail outages

MessageLabs has released its new Email Continuity product, an SaaS e-mail backup and recovery service. It promises to decrease downtime caused by e-mail outages, and maintain availability of Web and BlackBerry servers, as well as Outlook clients.

During an e-mail outage, Email Continuity lets users restore access for specific individuals or departments over the phone or via a Web interface. Users can determine which systems get synchronized to Exchange, and activate the backup system "based on which parts of the organization have been affected," the company said in a press release.

"E-mail is a mission-critical business service and any interruption to it can be costly not only in lost revenue and productivity, but also in damage to an organization's reputation and external relationships," said Jonathan Gale, MessageLabs' vice president of product management, in the press release. "E-mail continuity is about business without interruption, ensuring the proper systems are in place to provide seamless access to data and blink-of-an-eye recovery all with the flip of a switch at a low, predictable cost."

According to the company, Email Continuity features one-minute activation, giving users almost immediate e-mail access during an outage, as well as access to "critical e-mail functionality" in Outlook and on BlackBerrys and other mobile devices.

Other features include "automatic synchronization of corporate directories, user accounts, contacts, calendars, and distribution lists," speedy e-mail recovery and restoration, and restoration of messages to Exchange after outages.

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