Napera Appliance Adds Wireless Network Protection

Wi-Fi integration added to updated Napera N24; controls network access in 802.11 environments

Napera Networks has updated its network access control appliance, incorporating strong Wi-Fi integration. Napera N24 supports 802.11 environments and provides “secure, user-based wireless access for both employees and guest users,” according to a company release. Also in this version are expanded health checks as well as automated remediation for systems running on Mac OS X.

Napera says its product ensures that “only healthy computers and authorized users access the Internet or corporate network from Wi-Fi access points.” Company employees and their guests can use the same wireless access point, which will manage system health and authenticate access. Guests can access only the Internet and company-specified printers.

Napera says its solution “works with existing or new Wi-Fi access points, and wireless user authentication integrates with Active Directory or the local database.” The product supports 802.11 wireless access points that have WPA or WPA2 enterprise authentication, a security technology used by Wi-Fi networks. Napera says its solution “greatly simplifies the configuration of WPA/WPA2 with Active Directory, eliminating the need for any back-end server configuration or complexity.”

For Mac users, the company now features “automated alerts and remediation support for firewall and software updates, ensuring the system is compliant with health requirements before being allowed network access.” Napera uses Window’s NAP agent for systems running Microsoft’s operating system; Macs use a health agent written by Napera that works with both Windows and Mac devices.

Napera 24 is targeted at small and mid-size businesses. The Napera N24 appliance and a one-year subscripton to its management portal sells for $3,495.00. For more information, visit

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