PGP Releases Command Line for IBM zSeries

Users can protect data through encryption wherever it is created before moving it to another system

PGP Corporation has released a new version of its PGP Command Line product that now also runs natively on IBM's zSeries systems.

The latest version lets companies perform more secure transfers of their data between mainframe and non-mainframe environments by letting them protect the data wherever it is stored or created. This reduces the need to move unencrypted data to another system to have it encrypted.

The product also includes PGP's Additional Decryption Key feature so users are able to access encrypted data. Users can also ensure enterprise-wide compliance by including data security into their backup systems and automation scripts.

"Without the right security measures in place, such as encryption, large volumes of business-critical information become at-risk for interception while in transit, as well as from theft when data is 'at rest,'" said Steven Schoenfeld, PGP's vice president of products and strategy, in a prepared statement. "The latest release of PGP Command Line builds on what we already provide today with the PGP Encryption Platform -- multiple layers of security to protect every part of an organization's business."

The PGP Command Line product starts at $10,000 for each system. For more information, go to

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