AppTitude 2.6 Tests Application Compatibility

Lets users assess impact of any change on application portfolios

AppDNA has released an update to its application compatibility testing software, AppTitude 2.6, which quickly assesses all applications running on Microsoft systems, such as Windows Vista and XP as well as Microsoft App-V. Such insight helps IT avoid impactive changes to application environments. The company says the tool “addresses three main areas that are critical for strategic software deployment: application compatibility and integration; OS migration and upgrades; and assessment of virtualization options.”

Included in AppTitude 2.6 is a new Quick Start Report that provides an overview of application compatibility using a traffic light visual guide to show a summary of application status. The new Overview Report gives organizations a view of the status of applications across all Microsoft platforms. The business layer has been re-architected to support customers with large application portfolios. The new “Restore” feature lets users return to a previous state after any interruption.

AppTitude can provide comprehensive insight into large portfolios -- even those containing thousands of applications, including those that are built internally. The tool automatically extracts and stores installation and runtime data from the applications in the portfolio, then creates what the company calls a profile of the enterprise’s “application DNA.” Changes are then run against this DNA to determine how any planned changes will impact application compatibility, avoiding the time and costs of manual testing.

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