Actuate 10 e.Spreadsheet Released

Users can view dynamic data in Excel format

Actuate Corporation has released an update to its e.Spreadsheet product that helps users design, generate, and distribute information in a spreadsheet format that supports formatting, formulas, charts, and pivot tables.

The company says Actuate 10 e.Spreadsheet “dramatically cuts development time and addresses the needs of end-users who require data in a highly interactive spreadsheet format,” including Excel 2007, and notes that the data can also be created in PDF format.

New e.Spreadsheet features include enhancements to charts (e.Spreadsheet Designer includes a point-and-click chart wizard for creating a chart on a report) and query editor enhancements (including impact analysis that highlights database tables and table columns used in a query but which are invalid). In addition, users who create reports can evaluate how a report query is impacted when the database schema changes. Report authors can now search expressions to find the necessary schemas, tables, columns, and stored procedures they’ll need to build a query.

Additional information is available at A free download of e.Spreadsheet Designer is now available at Pricing starts at $250 per user or $1995 per CPU core.

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