Continuity Software Introduces RecoverGuard V4.0

Enhances support for cluster systems, root cause analysis; detects and reports on high-availability gaps

Continuity Software, a disaster recovery (DR) and high availability (HA) monitoring solution vendor, has released RecoverGuard version 4.0. New features enhance support of cluster systems and root cause analysis, as well as detection and reporting of high-availability (HA) gaps.

Among the specific enhancements to RecoverGuard v4.0:

  • High Availability (HA) Cluster Verification: The program can detect gaps for all major HA cluster implementations and technologies

  • Comprehensive Availability Advisor: Version 4 “automatically detects configuration drifts affecting disaster recovery/high availability servers, including domain, DNS settings, installed products, patches, service packs, operating system version, kernel parameters, hardware (i.e., CPU, memory, NIC and HBA), storage routing, etc.”, according to a company release

  • Better Root-Cause Analysis: The product can discover and report all DR and HA gaps as well as vulnerabilities; it can identify the infrastructure changes that led to the problem and how the company can avoid the problem

  • Deployment Analysis: Version 4 incorporates particular assessment capabilities that discover and report on “IT assets that require protection” but which are not protected (for example, missing cluster members)

Gil Hecht, founder and CEO, Continuity Software says the enhancements were the result of customer conversations in which the firm was told “that while highly critical, data protection was just half of the equation -- to truly address their business continuity challenge, they needed a solution to help them to maintain availability as well.,”

Version 4 is now available; the price of an annual license is based on the number of protected servers a customer has. More information is available at

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