SolarWinds Improves Monitoring, Management of Energy Consumption and Wireless Networks in Orion Software

Latest versions offer support for Cisco EnergyWise; integrated wireless network management offers users more visibility and control of entire network performance

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SolarWinds has released new versions of two key products within its Orion family of network management solutions -- Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM) – expanding visibility and control into both wireless network performance and network energy consumption.

SolarWinds Orion NPM and Orion NCM work with Cisco EnergyWise measurement, reporting, and control technology to help IT organizations that use Cisco routing and switching technology to identify energy consumption of device endpoints and control devices power consumption for devices not in use.

Management of Energy Consumption

The proactive management of energy consumption is becoming increasingly important to companies of all sizes for a variety of reasons: the cost-control benefits of reducing energy use; to manage compliance with heightened energy regulations; and as a means of demonstrating corporate social responsibility. Given their importance in helping implement critical company operations, IT teams will become central figures in how businesses implement and manage these green and energy cost management practices. The Orion NPM integrates with the Cisco EnergyWise technology for Cisco Catalyst Switches to help IT organizations to proactively measure and report on energy consumption of devices connected to the network such as switches, IP phones, and wireless access points.

Through the Orion NCM interface, network managers can activate specific Cisco EnergyWise policies on their network devices to lower energy consumption of devices not in use.

Integrated Wireless Management

Wireless networking has brought increased productivity and flexibility into the workplace and is now viewed as critical infrastructure. Network departments must ensure a similar quality of service for these connections as they do for the wired network. Orion NPM’s Integrated Wireless Poller extends the management capabilities of Orion to monitor both autonomous and thin wireless access points alongside wired devices for a holistic view of the entire network.

Integrated wireless management offers categorization and real-time monitoring of a wide range of wireless devices and access points, and gives users access to 15 out-of-the-box wireless reports, including wireless availability, average and peak number of clients, and rogue access points over varying time frames.
Pricing and Availability

The latest versions of these Orion family products are available for download now.  Orion NPM pricing starts at $2,475 (USD) for 100 monitored elements; Orion NCM pricing starts at $2,495 (USD) for 50 devices. All prices includes the first year of maintenance.  Current customers under maintenance will receive these updates free. 

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