Varonis Solution Gives Automated Problem Discovery and Decision-Making Capabilities to IT Operations and Data Owners

DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege Version 5.0 simplifies data governance with enhanced interoperability, data protection, entitlement management features

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Varonis Systems Inc. has released DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege Version 5.0 that provides integrated problem discovery, enhanced data protection, and entitlement management for data owners. Version 5.0 automates the implementation of file system protection best practices via its integrated problem discovery reports, offering guidance about reducing excessive access and maintaining optimal access controls.

The new features mitigate risks to file-system data by indicating issues in directory services and file system configurations that can result in unpredictable and unwanted access events. By providing detailed intelligence and recommendations, Varonis helps businesses meet company and governmental guidelines and regulations for protecting data at rest and providing need-to-know based access.

Yaki Faitelson, CEO and co-founder of Varonis, points out that “With Version 5.0, we’re simplifying data governance processes by taking the guesswork out of data access management. Version 5.0 takes automated data governance one step further by not only providing business intelligence, but explicitly identifying and telling data owners what risks there are, and giving them an option to eliminate these risks. By doing so, businesses can save significant amounts of time and money with a reliable and cost-effective solution that identifies dangerous problem areas humans often overlook.”
Specific new features in Version 5.0 include:

  • Auditing of “write” events: Data owners can opt to receive scheduled “change alerts” that notify them when their data has been accessed and modified by another user, enabling them to easily detect and report on altered proprietary data.

  • Enhanced access intelligence: Data owners have a comprehensive, updated view of employee access statistics and log details on the DataPrivilege Web interface, allowing them to make better-informed access control decisions.

  • Data access management via e-mail: Data owners can approve or reject employee file access requests directly from e-mail clients without the need for Web portal access or virtual private network (VPN) connectivity. This new feature works on any e-mail client including simple-text, browser-based, and smart-phone-based clients so data owners can manage entitlements anytime, anyplace.

In addition to SharePoint, Microsoft Windows Server, EMC and Network Appliance NAS devices, and Unix/Linux file systems, Version 5.0 can now support POSIX ACLs in Unix/Linux environments, Centrify, and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

All customers currently under support will receive the new 5.0 features for free as part of their Varonis support package. For new customers, Version 5.0 starts at $22,580. This includes DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege for 100 users, software subscription and technical support for the first year.

A comprehensive list of Version 5.0’s new features and functionalities is available at

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