NCP Engineering Updates Hybrid IPsec/SSL VPN Gateway

NCP Secure Enterprise Server eases administrators’ VPN management tasks

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NCP engineering GmbH has updated its software-based NCP Secure Enterprise Server for Windows 32 and 64-bit operating systems. A hybrid IPSec and SSL gateway, the solution controls and monitors all VPN connections to and from the central data network. The server ensures that end users can securely connect from any device to the network with powerful encryption, a dynamic personal firewall, strong authentication, and one-time password and public-key infrastructure support.

The NCP Secure Enterprise Server 8.0 features a new, easy-to-use Web interface that offers network administrators a comprehensive view of critical VPN parameters, such as workload, IPsec and SSL tunnels, and transferring rates -- all in real time. Unique to NCP engineering, the gateway provides one plug-in for full remote network access. It ensures that IT staff can configure and manage all VPN components -- from the clients to the high availability (HA) servers -- through a single console.

Known for its universal IPsec solutions, NCP supports SSL with the NCP Secure Enterprise Server. The software solution’s SSL VPN module updates include these features:

  • The Web Proxy and File Access module that is compatible with Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2007 and can display the extended view of OWA in connection with Internet Explorer.
  • Web applications function directly through the Thin Client module. NCP ensures that its gateway works with Java applets and plug-ins, as well as ActiveX.
  • The NCP PortableLAN module, a fat client for transparent network access, now supports Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS#11) certificates.

NCP’s VPN solution also offers users strong performance and flexibility. The NCP Secure Enterprise Server allows administrators to maintain network speeds and run up to 10,000 concurrent VPN sessions. The new 8.0 version of the server is also highly scalable, enabling enterprises to easily tailor and upgrade the VPN. The gateway can be completely integrated with the NCP Secure Enterprise Management System for extensive installations.

The NCP Secure Enterprise Server supports the industry’s widest variety of endpoint platforms (Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, XP Prof. and 2000) and any IPsec-based device, including the iPhone. Complete technical specifications and features are available at

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