Kace Updates Application Virtualization Technology

New KACE Virtual Kontainers release offers easy administration, expanded application compatibility

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KACE, a systems management appliance company, today announced a new version of its application virtualization technology, KACE Virtual Kontainers. New functionality, including easier patching and expanded application compatibility, give users an even easier-to-implement and easier-to-maintain solution, leading to significant time and money savings.
Application virtualization, which allows users to run applications without the need for a traditional installation, is notorious for its high costs and complexity. KACE Virtual Kontainers 2.0, offered via a single, integrated Web-based console, provides users with an easier, faster, and significantly less-expensive alternative for creating, deploying, and managing virtual applications. This major new technology release improves application compatibility and support for updating and patching virtual applications. With the ability to publish applications via self-service user portal, KACE Virtual Kontainers 2.0 further reduces administrative overhead.

“Application virtualization is an important and powerful emerging technology that unfortunately has a lot of misconceptions surrounding it, such as that it is expensive and complex to implement and maintain,” said Marty Kacin, KACE co-founder and CTO. “KACE Virtual Kontainers turns these misconceptions on their head through an extremely easy-to-use solution that is simple to deploy and offered at a low cost. We continue to push the boundary of our appliance-based systems management solutions to help IT rapidly provide real business value instead of spending valuable time and effort wrestling with complex vendor tools.”
Some of the new features in the new KACE Virtual Kontainers release include:

  • Improved application compatibility by way of a new signature update service that allows for KACE to respond rapidly when it comes to adding support for changes to Windows, middleware, and challenging new applications

  • The ability to easily update, patch, or modify an existing virtual application package directly without the need to start over with each required change

  • Self-service user portal support so administrators can provide virtual applications via a simple Web-based interface, saving time associated with ad hoc deployments and keeping user desktops uncluttered with software they do not need

  • Command-line support for administrators that prefer to script operations themselves, including the ability to create a Kontainer package from the command line

KACE Virtual Kontainers 2.0 is available immediately. Pricing starts at $3,995 per 100 computers. Volume discounts are available.

More information is available at http://software.dell.com/kace/.

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