Accellion Introduces Secure File Transfer for Multifunction Devices, Business Application Reporting

Helps secure and simplify the electronic distribution of scanned documents and business reports to prevent data leakage

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To help companies secure the transfer of documents from multifunction devices (printers, scanners, and copiers) and business applications, Accellion, Inc. has released SMTP Satellite. The SMTP Satellite works in conjunction with Accellion’s Managed File Transfer appliance and extends file tracking, reporting, and encryption to files originating from scanners and business applications. By offloading the delivery of large scanned documents and reports from e-mail, SMTP Satellite improves e-mail performance and reduces e-mail storage requirements while preventing data leaks.

The non-secure transfer of scanned documents and business reports containing intellectual property and confidential personal information can quickly become a security issue. Using the SMTP Satellite in conjunction with Accellion Managed File Transfer provides business users the ability to easily and securely transfer large scanned documents and confidential reports without clogging a user’s e-mail. Each document is tracked and secured during transit-enabling compliance with SOX, HIPAA, FDA, and GLB regulations.

“The Accellion SMTP Satellite enables corporations to increase information security and compliance within their organizations,” said Yorgen Edholm, president and CEO of Accellion. “Organizations need to be able to share confidential information and have in place safeguards for securing and tracking the flow of intellectual property and confidential personal data. Extending the functionality of Accellion Managed File Transfer to document scanners and business reporting offers corporations and government agencies the opportunity to further streamline business processes and increase security.”

The Accellion SMTP Satellite is available in either virtual or hardware appliance form factors. One SMTP Satellite can service multiple (10-25) document scanners. More information is available at

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