Nimsoft Extends Visibility into Business Applications Running Internally, Externally

From the data center to the clouds, Nimsoft can monitor cloud platforms, SaaS applications, including those from Rackspace, Amazon,, and Google

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Nimsoft, a unified monitoring solutions developer, has added features to its Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS) that enable users to extend real-time monitoring and historical reporting beyond the virtualized data center to hosted, cloud-, and SaaS-based resources and applications. By extending monitoring from the virtualized data center to the cloud, customers will gain complete visibility over their entire IT infrastructure, enabling them to measure and improve service delivery, allocate computing resources for maximum performance, and enforce service-level agreements (SLAs).

NMS is based on a scalable and extensible architecture that enables complete visibility and monitoring from a single product, eliminating the need to invest in additional products every time IT infrastructures change or expand. By monitoring all computing resources, Nimsoft customers will be able to make better decisions as they transition to a combination of internal and external environments.

New feature set delivers additional capabilities for monitoring both internal and external environments including:

  • Cloud and SaaS Probes: Enable users to gain complete visibility over the performance and availability of Google Apps for Business, Rackspace Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and EC2,, and other services. By understanding status and response time, users can determine if outsourced platforms and applications are meeting their service delivery commitments.

  • Nimsoft Unified Monitoring APIs: Allow for easy extensions to NMS. This complete set of documented APIs is available to both customers and third-party developers.

  • The Nimsoft Unified Reporter: Delivers more than 100 reports out of the box and allows users to create their own performance and capacity planning reports. Information from these reports can be used to make decisions on how and where to redistribute workloads, to identify problems in the infrastructure, to benchmark performance metrics, and to prove where SLAs are not being met.

  • Virtualisation Probes: Provide users complete visibility over virtualization platforms including Citrix, Microsoft HyperV, IBM Power-V, VMware, and Sun Solaris Zones. Complete visibility enables users to monitor and optimize the performance of all applications and resources running on virtual servers, and enables the optimization of compute resources across business services.

  • RCA (root cause analysis) and Topology Manager: Presents deep discovery and both virtual and physical topology views of the network. When an outage occurs, knowing where the root cause of the problem is dramatically reduces mean time to repair (MTTR).

In addition to providing unified monitoring for the broadest range of IT systems and applications in use today, these new features deliver:

  • A scalable and extensible architecture that keeps pace with rapid IT infrastructure growth, monitors all internal and external IT systems, and provides a path to extend Unified Monitoring to new metrics such as power consumption
  • A customisable management dashboard that enables IT administrators to get a single view of the overall health, performance and availability of their IT infrastructure and business applications irrespective of where they reside
  • The industry's most rapid deployment and shortest time to value, with a total cost of ownership up to 80 percent less than legacy solutions

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