Caspio Version 6.5 Adds Advanced Data Import, Publishing Capabilities

Cloud computing platform provides tools for easy data migration, Microsoft Office compatibility, and SEO-friendly database publishing.

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Caspio, Inc. has released Caspio Bridge Version 6.5, offering new capabilities to easily migrate data and quickly create and publish feature-rich and highly-accessible Web applications. The new features include enhanced data import, additional natively-supported file formats, SEO-enabled database deployment, expanded support for multi-table views, smart AutoValues, and many upgrades for improved productivity and platform performance.

Caspio Bridge 6.5 is available now; existing customers have been automatically upgraded to the new version.

Major new features in Caspio Bridge 6.5 include:

  • Intelligent Data Migration Wizards: Point-and-click wizards help users easily transfer existing data into Caspio Bridge while maintaining the highest level of data integrity.

  • Background Data Import: Enhances productivity during large file uploads.

  • Microsoft Excel Workbook and Worksheet Support: Microsoft Excel can now be imported and exported directly. Native import formats were expanded to include XML, MS Access, MS Excel, CSV, tab delimited and fixed-width text, and more.

  • Caspio Bride Plug-in for Microsoft Office: The updated plug-in keeps data refreshed and simplifies offline data analysis, mail merge, and integration.

  • SEO Deployment: This unique and groundbreaking SEO technology for indexing databases was announced separately.

  • Smart AutoValues: Generates strong passwords, unique ID, or random numbers, and captures environment values such as user IP address and host page URL.

  • Editable Views: Data in multi-table Views can now be editable.

  • Larger Text Fields: Long text fields can now contain up to 64,000 characters.

  • .NET Deployment: Enables seamless integration of Caspio-powered forms and applications in Microsoft SharePoint and other .NET apps and Web sites.

  • User Blocking by IP Address: Restricts or grants application access based on IP addresses. This feature adds to the variety of security options currently available in Caspio Bridge.

  • Negative Keyword Search: New search filter for interactive search forms and pre-defined reports.

  • DataPage Properties: Shows a 360-degree view of all DataPage associations, such as data source, access controls, deployments, and more.

  • Various Performance Improvements – Provisions for faster execution of customer applications, including automatic indexing of large tables.

Caspio Bridge SMB packages start at $39.95 per month and include space for 10 DataPages. All Caspio customers enjoy embeddable "anywhere" application deployment and unlimited users, making it the platform of choice for private or public applications with a large user base.

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A free trial of Caspio Bridge is available at More information about the product can be found at

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