SpamTitan Technologies Launches Web Filter for SMBs

Ensures online employee activity is protected from threats, enforces corporate Internet policies.

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SpamTitan Technologies today launched WebTitan, a Web filtering solution. WebTitan is a powerful, easy-to-manage, and cost-effective solution that ensures online employee activity is protected from threats and adheres to corporate Internet policies.

WebTitan allows businesses to tightly control which Web sites can be accessed at work at at what time(s). WebTitan reduces costs, increases productivity, improves network security, and reduces bandwidth demands and provides flexible reporting and tight firewall integration.

The product is available in two formats: as a software image suite with its own complete operating system for self-build (WebTitan ISO) and as a virtual appliance (WebTitan for VMWare). Real-time content filtering of images and text and strict application controls help WebTitan to block access to inappropriate content. Another key feature is WebTitan’s ability to reinforce company defenses by providing URL filtering of up to 53 customizable categories including tens of millions of URLs. The product uses a cloud-based database and real-time classification system to provide an unmatched combination of accurate and scalable coverage.

The product is available for free download at WebTitan offers organizations protection for their data from malware and other Internet threats such as viruses, spyware, and phishing as provides user policy browsing tools to ensure corporate adherence to Internet policies.

Available immediately, WebTitan ISO and WebTitan for VMware are priced from $850. WebTitan licenses are banded offering greater flexibility and based on the number of IP addresses concurrently accessing the Internet.

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