Clarabridge Enterprise 4 Speeds Deployment of Text Mining for Customer Feedback Applications

New version eases implementation, operation of customer experience management programs in multi-departmental deployments

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Clarabridge has released Clarabridge Enterprise 4, adding ease-of-use and back-end enhancements to support a broadening base of users with individual needs. The new version adds an Ad-Hoc Uploader, upgrades to the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Sentiment Engines, new collaboration tools in the Classification Suite, and built-in early warnings and alerts. These new and improved features enable any department to make customer experience improvements quicker by including any feedback desired, customizing analytical models, supporting teams of analysts and business users, and delivering the insight when and where needed.

Clarabridge Enterprise 4 enhancements include:

NLP and Sentiment Engine Upgrades: New features include clause-based sentiment and classification, along with a multitude of core engine enhancements. Clarabridge Enterprise 4 also adds support for classifying data in foreign languages. These upgrades improve the sentiment results for clients and make it easier to tune sentiment for their particular industry or application needs.

Classification Suite Updates: Enhancements increase the accuracy of categorization and add workflow tools for improved collaboration during the creation of the category model. Classification Templates, developed from Clarabridge’s experience in multiple industries, provide quick-start templates for analysts developing category models. Collaboration upgrades include the locking of models to prevent changes, rule history and roll back functionality, color-coding as a visual aid for maintaining models, and a preview feature. With these updates, analysts can more easily develop, QA, and maintain models with other team members across their organization. In addition, Clarabridge 4 offers enhancements of the analysis capability in the Clarabridge Navigator interface to allow users to directly run, view, and analyze the classification results to facilitate optimal classification precision and recall.

Early Warnings and Alerts: Statistical warning and alert engines help users proactively address customer experience issues by alerting them to anything that exceed defined thresholds. Users can configure the thresholds and delivery methods to suit their needs, and receive real-time notification of any significant event.

Ad-Hoc Uploader: The Ad-Hoc Uploader allows business users to upload feedback sources for analysis directly from their own browsers via an easy-to-use wizard. While administrators run and monitor million-plus verbatim enterprise sources, this new feature allows market researchers and business analysts to upload their smaller ad hoc feedback sources, classify through their standard or custom category models, extract sentiment, and analyze the feedback in a completely self-service mode. With this feature, Clarabridge clients continue to build a 360 degree view of their customer experiences by systematically incorporating large feedback sources as well as the flexibility of quickly and easily adding smaller, diverse data sets.

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