Astaro Offers Free Edition to Help Secure Business Networks

Astaro Security Gateway Essential Firewall edition provides businesses with critical network security functionality for free

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Astaro Corporation has launched the Essential Firewall edition of its flagship security solution Astaro Security Gateway, available for free to all organizations worldwide. The Essential Firewall edition includes all the necessary functionality that organizations need to secure their networks and operate a successful business.

Two developments currently shape the IT landscape. One is virtualization, the other is the trend towards the use of consumer solutions in business environments. Both trends have one common purpose: the imperative to reduce costs. Also, both bear one common danger: they significantly lower the security level of an organization’s network. There are only a few security solutions available that run in a virtual environment, and those tend to be expensive and often complicated to manage. Deploying such solutions requires organizations to cut security requirements -- making their network more vulnerable. The same is true for the deployment of consumer products in a business environment.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the world economy. They act more cautious, they maintain a stable business and they are not subject to the high demands of investors”, says Jan Hichert, CEO at Astaro. “Nevertheless, SMBs are affected by the current economic climate even more so than larger businesses. This is why we see more and more businesses fall back to consumer products to secure their IT environment -- in order to reduce costs, they lower their level of security. This is a dangerous compromise. By launching the Essential Firewall edition we aim to provide those companies a professional alternative.”

As a free edition of the Astaro Security Gateway, the Essential Firewall offers the same easy-to-use graphical user interface and is available as Software and Virtual Appliance. Additionally, the Essential Firewall edition will come with the ability to receive support through Astaro’s user forum.

Features in the Essential Firewall edition include:

  • Networking: Internet Router, Bridging, DNS server and proxy, DynDNS, DHCP server and relay, NTP support, automatic QoS

  • Network Security: Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall and Network Address translation (DNAT/SNAT/Masquerading)

  • Remote Access: PPTP and L2TP over IPSec support (including iPhone support)

  • Logging/Reporting: Full logging on local hard drive, searching, real-time reports for hardware, network usage and network security, daily executive reports

  • Management: Web-based GUI in local languages, setup wizard, configuration backup and restore, administrator notifications, SNMP support, centralized management via Astaro Command Center (also free of charge)

Astaro offers the Astaro Security Gateway Essential Firewall edition as an easy-to-install download:

Additional information is available at

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