Elastra Updates Enterprise Cloud Server

Helps customers compose, orchestrate, and manage systems consisting of databases, application servers, and open-source applications

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Elastra Corporation, an application infrastructure automation software, provider, has released Elastra Cloud Server (ECS) 2.0, Enterprise Edition, enabling customers to compose, orchestrate, and manage systems consisting of Oracle databases, WebLogic Applications Servers, and other enterprise-grade software, as well as open-source applications such as MySQL, Apache, and Tomcat.

ECS integrates with enterprise tools such as Tivoli, OpenView, Patrol, CA Spectrum, Zenoss, and Splunk. ECS can be used on private clouds based on VCenter from VMware or XEN from Citrix as well as the public cloud available from Amazon. Systems created for one environment are portable to another.

Elastra brings a high level of automation to IT organizations seeking to leverage the economics of cloud computing while staying true to existing architectural practices and corporate policies. ECS addresses some of the fundamental challenges faced by IT organizations today:

  • Make IT Leaner: ECS automatically generates deployment plans and provisions sophisticated systems designed to minimize operational and capital expenses. At the same time, applications are deployed to be compliant with the customers’ own sets of policies, procedures, and service-level agreements.

  • Make IT Agile: ECS cuts the lead times IT needs to create complex development, testing, and production environments by automating the processes traditionally managed by hand or via hand-crafted scripts.

  • Keep IT Manageable: ECS lets IT organizations maintain control of their operations using familiar tools and technologies while delivering on-demand, self-service system provisioning to their users.

“We have built a product that seamlessly fits into an existing data center and addresses some of IT’s perennial challenges: let IT get more done with fewer resources, make IT deliver results faster, reduce IT operational and capital costs, and keep IT in control of sensitive information within the company’s data center,” said Kirill Sheynkman, president and CEO of Elastra Corporation.

Elastra offers a free edition of ECS running on Amazon Web Services and an Enterprise Edition for private data centers. More information is available at www.elastra.com.

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