ParAccel Boosts Performance, Efficiency of Scalable Analytic Appliance

Supports flash-based server arrays

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ParAccel, Inc. has released the ParAccel Scalable Analytic Appliance II (SAA II), incorporating the speed and efficiency of flash storage technology with breakthroughs in performance optimization and enterprise manageability of the new ParAccel Database (PADB) 2.0. SAA II is designed for companies seeking massive scale and performance from their data warehouses; they also leverage the enterprise-class capabilities of SAN environments.

Powered by EMC and ParAccel, SAA II leverages ParAccel’s new Blended Scan technology to dramatically improve the performance of SAN-attached data warehouses. Blended Scan dynamically balances I/O and storage across direct-attached compute nodes and the SAN to achieve greater I/O throughput and CPU utilization. The SAA II also delivers enterprise-class continuity and availability by tightly integrating with EMC’s advanced backup, recovery, restore, and storage management capabilities. By integrating enterprise-class solid state storage, the SAA II improves performance while reducing energy and cooling costs by better utilizing space in the data center.

“Large and middle market companies are struggling to raise the performance and manageability of their data warehouses to meet the demand for immediate business insights that optimize decision making," said Barry Zane, ParAccel’s founder and CTO. “ParAccel’s Scalable Analytic Appliance II meets those requirements by delivering the world’s highest performing and most efficient analytic database in a data warehouse appliance that fully exploits the enterprise capabilities of today’s advanced SANs. Because we’ve designed PADB to deliver the industry’s best price-performance on standard commodity servers, such as Dell, HP, IBM and Sun, we’re able to quickly take advantage of new technology innovations, such as flash storage.”

The SAA II incorporates dozens of new innovations delivered in the recently released PADB 2.0. In addition to Blended Scan, PADB 2.0 introduces the new Omne query optimizer, built specifically for ParAccel’s unique massively parallel (MPP), columnar database architecture. Omne allows administrators to efficiently join unlimited numbers of tables and provides other advanced capabilities such as automatic query de-correlation, column pruning, view-folding, and other features to efficiently process ad hoc and highly complex queries.

The basic ParAccel SAA II configuration features the EMC CLARiiON CX4 Model 240 with eight compute nodes (servers) and configurations are highly customizable both in terms of server and CLARiiON models.

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