Compuware’s New Gomez adVantage Improves Customer Experience for Web, Mobile Applications

Provides subscription-based model for optimizing performance across the entire application delivery chain

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Compuware Corporation has released a new offering -- Gomez adVantage -- for optimizing application performance management across the entire application delivery chain from a single, unified dashboard. Gomez adVantage brings together Web performance and real-user monitoring solutions (Gomez and Vantage) into a single, integrated offering for organizations that deliver business-critical Web and mobile applications, including enterprises, software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers, and cloud infrastructure and platform providers.

Gomez adVantage allows organizations to manage application performance starting from the end-user perspective across the Internet and cloud and into the data center. The new solution includes consulting services to ensure rapid adoption and time-to-value, as well as a subscription-based model. From this starting point, customers can easily expand to take on data center transaction analysis, deep-dive troubleshooting, and business service management.

The Web has become the primary means for companies to interact with customers and deliver goods and services, and has a real and often direct connection to a company’s revenues, customer satisfaction, and brand perception. To ensure a positive customer experience, business leaders and IT operations teams must have visibility into the performance and availability of these critical Web applications from the only perspective that matters -- their end-users. With Gomez adVantage, enterprises, SaaS providers, and other cloud providers can make effective business decisions to proactively identify and resolve issues anywhere along the application delivery chain, resulting in significant reductions in Web site downtime, improved response times, and faster problem resolution.

“Many companies rely on point solutions that provide narrow, technology-centric views into the performance of specific components or processes, a situation that just doesn’t suffice in today’s dynamic IT environment, much less tomorrow’s,” said Steve Tack, vice president of Compuware Vantage. “The only way to truly solve performance and availability problems is through a holistic view of application performance that encompasses the entire application delivery chain. Gomez adVantage provides this holistic view.”

The Gomez adVantage solution offers a simple pricing and subscription-based license model. For a monthly subscription fee of $10,000, customers receive:

  • Gomez Web Performance monitoring for active monitoring from both the Internet backbone and the Gomez Last Mile
  • Vantage real-user monitoring, including analysis for Web-based and secure Web-based applications
  • Consulting services, including installation and configuration of Vantage real-user monitoring, basic training and mentoring, the Gomez JumpStart program, access to Gomez University, and implementation of the Gomez/Vantage integration

Current customers of either Vantage real-user monitoring or Gomez Web Performance monitoring can upgrade to Gomez adVantage at reduced pricing.

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