New Xangati Products Ease Virtualization Management

Virtual appliances advance high-value management in a virtual world

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Xangati has released two new products -- Xangati for ESX and the Xangati Management Dashboard. Designed to decrease the management burdens of virtualization experts, Xangati’s new line of virtual appliances offers extensive monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities at a lower cost than competitors. A free test drive of Xangati ESX is available for download at

Alan Robin, CEO of Xangati, said, “The inability to explicitly see virtual communications within a hypervisor using traditional management solutions is perhaps the most fundamental ‘blind spot’ in a virtual infrastructure. We believe that to effectively manage the virtual world, you have to be of the virtual world, which is why we’ve come to market with a suite of virtual appliances that solve this virtual communication void. Couple our innovative product introduction with an aggressive ‘try-before-buy’ pricing model that allows virtualization administrators to solve problems before even committing to a purchase, and Xangati not only provides a win-win for everyone but positions itself as a disruptive force for virtualization management as we know it.”

Xangati is designed to complement VMware’s vCenter by adding 360-degree communication visibility into all the critical elements that it manages. Shortly after installation, users gain instant visibility -- for as little as $2 per server. Xangati’s new visualization solution provides an instantaneous video-like view of how each and every component of a virtual infrastructure is performing. The solution also offers virtualization administrators DVR-like recordings of actual activity to be replayed after-the-fact for problem analysis and faster time to resolution.

Xangati’s virtual appliance suite consists of the following components:

Xangati for ESX tightly integrates with VMware’s hypervisor to instantly summarize traffic traversing a vSwitch, providing valuable visibility that completely eliminates these once troublesome “blind spots.” The turnkey appliance is offered via a 14-day high-value trial, with the true plug-and-play nature of the solution enabling it to be installed and yield value in less than 30 minutes.

Xangati Management Dashboard can track up to 5,000 identities (e.g., a hypervisor, virtual server, virtual desktop, or VoIP phone), providing complete enterprise-wide visibility, alerting, reporting, and recording for hundreds of applications. The solution comes in both a Standard and Enterprise edition that vary by the size and scope of IT’s infrastructure and budget. It is plug-and-play.

In a pilot program, Xangati’s yielded great value and helped virtualization experts:

  • Prove that the virtual infrastructure was not the cause of emerging performance issues
  • Foster better communication between the virtualization teams and the owners of the servers they have created
  • Ensure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) pilot success by showing both end-user experience with VDI and the root cause of the problem
  • Catch misconfigurations with virtual IP storage and use the data to prevent performance or security issues
  • Track the virtual server as it talks to an Oracle database in the physical world

Availability and Pricing

For less money per managed object than traditional, agent-based solutions Xangati’s new pricing model offers a transparent view of the entire host and all associated virtual machines as well as record and playback functionality of any found issues.

Xangati’s new suite of virtual appliances is available now. Xangati for ESX can be downloaded directly from for a free 14-day trial; or immediately for $299. The Xangati Management Dashboard Standard edition is available for $4,999; the Enterprise edition is $9,999. A Starter Kit ($9,999) includes Xangati for ESX for up to 20 hosts and the Xangati Management Dashboard Enterprise edition.

Xangati’s new virtual appliance suite supports visibility into VMware environments and heterogeneous virtualization environments including those also driven by Citrix and Microsoft, among others. Additional information can be found at

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