NCP Engineering Solves IPsec-Hostile Remote Access Problems

Path Finder technology guarantees network connectivity, policy enforcement

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The problem of IPsec-hostile firewall settings is commonly found in public Internet access points, where the provider (hotel, airport, coffee shop, etc.) secures its network by restricting Web traffic to allow only Internet browsing and email. This restriction has prevented IPsec VPN access, resulting in users spending hours working with their company's IT support team to establish remote network access beyond simply checking e-mail and surfing the Web.

NCP Engineering’s new Path Finder technology solves the complex network connectivity issues created by firewall settings that prevent IPsec communication. Path Finder technology ensures users can establish a secure connection to the corporate network from any remote location, granting full IPsec VPN access and policy enforcement without compromising productivity or security. The user logs onto the local network (as they would any other) and connects to the corporate network without delay or the need to change settings. Further, local network security is never compromised, ensuring both corporate and public security policies are followed.

How It Works

  • Path Finder technology is integrated into the company's VPN clients. This feature recognizes that the VPN gateway cannot connect via standard IPsec protocol, automatically changes to a modified IPsec protocol and emulates HTTPS to establish a connection.
  • The connection formed with the Path Finder technology is safe and connected with the centrally-installed NCP Secure Enterprise Server. Remote staff can use all authentication mechanisms and advantages of IPsec, such as simultaneous use of software and hardware-based certificates.
  • With this technology, there is less performance requirement on the gateway side, as all security aspects under IPsec are continuously considered (i.e., end-to-end security on the basis of a centrally-determined security policy).

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