New esXpress VM Backup Solution Targets Large Virtualization Environments

Creates small virtual machines that use the virtual environment itself to perform backups

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PHD Virtual Technologies has released esXpress, a multi-VM backup and restore solution designed for large virtualized deployments. Its architecture provides the scalability and heightened reliability needed by such environments and can complete backups up to 20 times faster through an enhanced, single-click backup interface. It also simplifies restore processes using a centralized, Web-based restore engine that offers concurrent use by multiple users.

esXpress creates small virtual machines -- virtual backup appliances (VBAs) -- that use the virtual environment itself to perform the backups, eliminating the need for added hardware or software resources. This latest release adds Change Block Tracking (CBT) VBA foundation to improve backup and recovery performance. By reading only the blocks that have changed, and not scanning the entire virtual disk each time a backup is performed, esXpress shortens the backup window and uses considerably less data I/O while reducing overall loads on network and SAN resources.

Key features of esXpress include:

  • Linear scalability: exXpress can perform 16 concurrent backups to meet critical backup windows

  • Verifiable and measurable deduplication: esXpress delivers source-side deduplication to reduce network traffic, offer one-pass restores, and deduplicate data across an entire storage target

  • Reliable change block tracking (CBT): esXpress validates the CBT data for each backup, ensuring data integrity and reliability

  • Distributed architecture/fault tolerance: esXpress features a distributed architecture that does not rely on Virtual Center or any other single application to run backups so it can deliver fault-tolerant backups

Available now, esXpress 4.0 pricing starts at $1,000 per host for four concurrent backup streams. It supports unlimited sockets and unlimited cores per host and no additional hardware is required.

A free trial version is available at Additional product information is available at

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