Quantivo 4 Takes Advanced Analytics to the Cloud

Users can perform dynamic behavioral targeting without query languages

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Quantivo has released Quantivo 4, an analytics solution that allows companies to ask and answer domplex questions quickly and without using querying languages or code. Customer behavior insights can be uncovered and exported to drive marketing campaigns or improve Web site navigation without the need for a programmer or statistician.

Many existing analytics technologies are based on relational databases which require custom programming by analysts to go beyond simple operational questions, Quantivo 4 combines a new analytics interface paradigm with a unique pattern-based data store, all running in a scalable cloud-based architecture.

According to Brian Kelly, co-founder and CEO of Quantivo, by leveraging the company's technology and virtually unlimited processing and storage in the cloud, customers can analyze from 10 million to 10 billion records and answer questions previously not possible with "big iron" solutions.

Quantivo 4 puts dynamic behavioral targeting and segmentation into an intuitive, Web-based, drag-and-drop user interface. Business users can structure simple or advanced questions without using proprietary or complex query languages such as SQL. Time-to-action is further expedited through Quantivo’s Instant Export capability, which exports granular details of any query, such as individual e-mail address or customer IDs, into an external reporting, marketing automation, or content management system. Lists are generated instantly and are not limited by file size or number of records.

With Quantivo 4, business users can create customer segmentations on the fly and answer questions about behavior based on actual customer data, online and/or offline. This is possible through Quantivo’s Context Filtering and Context-specific Queries, which help users define complex multi-attribute questions in a single step rather than building and waiting for complex, time-consuming, multi-pass, multi-step queries.

Users can dynamically segment customers based on a combination of contextually-specific attributes, such as items viewed or purchased in the context of a Web session, invoice, or over time. Marketers can focus a question on a group of behaviors or activities in order to define customer segments. Context-specific queries can also identify behaviors that occur together within the defined behavioral activity.

With Quantivo 4, marketers can now discover behavioral patterns by combinations of attributes, such as age, gender, originating campaign, or promotion, in addition to sales, margin, volume, or other business metrics. These highly defined segments can then be targeted with a campaign most likely to result in a conversion.

With Quantivo 4, all targeted segment results are compared to the overall population of customers, which allows marketers to see the impact and value of the segment being analyzed.

For more information, visit http://www.quantivo.com/products/quantivo4.php.

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