NextIO Releases NextIO vStor S1000 Flash Storage Array

NextIO vSTOR S100 offers high flash performance for applications requiring high-speed storage transactions or high bandwidth

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NextIO announced the release of the vSTOR S100, the first flash storage array designed to consolidate and reallocate Tier 0 storage across servers. Utilizing ioMemory technology from Fusion-io, the vSTOR S100 achieves a capacity of five terabytes (TB) and over 1.7M IOPS performance, while using less than 300 watts of power.

By utilizing NextIO's vConnect I/O virtualization switching technology, vSTOR can reallocate flash storage between servers, eliminating the over-provisioning of Tier 0 storage that occurs with dedicated flash cards or existing flash arrays. This capability allows users to optimize their Tier 0 storage expenditures while providing large amounts of on-demand, high-speed flash when applications need it, enabling customers to use Flash-application acceleration where it was previously cost-prohibitive. By accelerating applications on existing servers, vSTOR S100 also eliminates the need for system administrators to spread applications over multiple servers.

In addition to NextIO's vConnect technology, vSTOR S100 also supports the use of high-performance PCI-Express connections to servers, allowing vSTOR S100 to achieve higher host connection bandwidth than flash arrays using Fibre Channel or Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) host interfaces. NextIO's vSTOR S100 also supports widely-available, industry-standard flash media (PCI-Express flash storage cards).

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