3PAR Aids Data Governance, Electronic Discovery

3PAR Virtual Lock delivers thin copy-based security tool for storage volumes

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3PAR has released 3PAR Virtual Lock, software designed to help 3PAR customers meet data governance and electronic discovery (eDiscovery) needs more efficiently and flexibly than with existing storage products. Virtual Lock gives 3PAR InServ Storage Server users the ability to protect data volumes and volume copies from intentional or unintentional deletions.

3PAR has developed this capability on top of a thin-copy technology foundation to eliminate both the need for up-front capacity allocation as well as the need for an additional security layer at the file level. The reservationless, non-duplicative, read-only virtual copies (snapshots) supported by Virtual Lock give users the ability to safely and cost-efficiently retain frozen, point-in-time copies of data for governance and eDiscovery.

Available for all InServ arrays, Virtual Lock software allows administrators to apply a configurable retention period to virtual volumes -- including thin volumes created with 3PAR Thin Provisioning software -- and volume copies, such as those created with 3PAR Virtual Copy or 3PAR Full Copy software. During the specified Virtual Lock retention period, these volumes and volume copies are protected against deletion, even by the highest-privileged InServ user. This safeguard against accidental or malicious deletion of disk-based copies removes a barrier for IT departments looking to adopt online virtual volume copies as a substitute for tape backups.

3PAR Virtual Lock is offered as an optional, array-based software product that is available now. More information is available at www.3PAR.com.

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