Updated Spector CNE Investigator Reveals Employee PC, Internet Abuse

Monitoring software enhanced to speed configuration, deployment, investigations

Note: ESJ’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

SpectorSoft Corporation has released Spector CNE Investigator Version 7. The program records employees' Web sites visited, e-mails sent and received, chats and instant messages, keystrokes typed, files transferred, documents printed, and applications run. In addition, through a surveillance-like camera recording tool, Spector CNE Investigator shows in exact visual detail what an employee does every step of the way.

Spector CNE Investigator Version 7 features rapid configuration, deployment, and management of the Client Recorder across PCs on a Windows network. The new version also includes a powerful Control Center Server and profile-based recorder settings, support for Terminal Services and Citrix Published Applications, enhanced social networking behavior recording for Facebook and blog forms, as well as time and date stamps on its screen snapshots.

SpectorSoft monitoring, surveillance and investigation software products such as Spector CNE Investigator Version 7 provides business executives, managers, and IT staff the ability to rewind, play, and review the human behavior that can threaten company health. Proactively recording employee computer activity allows businesses to mitigate threats such as productivity loss, compliance violations, data loss, legal risk, and more.

For more information, visit www.spectorcne.com.

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