Aprigo NINJA for Google Docs Launches

Provides IT managers visibility into Google Docs

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Aprigo has released Aprigo NINJA for Google Docs, providing a means for IT managers to gain insights into, and enjoy greater control over, their use of Google Docs. From a simple dashboard, Aprigo NINJA for Google Docs allows administrators to effectively govern how documents are shared within the collaboration platform to limit the internal and external exposure of sensitive information.

Until now, when an enterprise ended a joint venture or project with a vendor or partner -- and a document owner did not change permission settings -- those organizations retained access rights to files shared with them via Google Docs. As a result, although individual users retained document access, IT managers didn't have full visibility into who those documents were shared with, nor were they able to easily exert any control over the permissions of these files. Aprigo NINJA for Google Docs addresses these challenges -- and IT managers can now view file permissions in order to limit data vulnerabilities and streamline access rights management.

Additional product benefits include:

  • Powerful document intelligence: A user-friendly document browser enables companies to generate complete lists of all documents -- categorized by document name, owner, number of collaborators, or document properties (i.e., sharing permissions) -- providing greater visibility and more control over an organization's Google Docs environment.

  • Comprehensive risk management: Provides insight into document exposure at both the summary and granular levels. For example, IT managers can quickly discover documents containing sensitive and confidential data -- including those that may be at risk -- and verify that they are only shared with authorized viewers. Once exposed content has been identified, a notice can be quickly sent to the end-user instructing them to modify permissions accordingly.

  • Simple reporting and statistics tracking: Powerful and intuitive reports -- such as document classification and usage patterns -- accurately track adoption rates and provide information for organizations to understand how users are leveraging the Google Docs platform. IT managers can also efficiently audit documents, as well as their permissions, to ensure compliance within their organization's information-sharing policies.

  • Advanced security: Because it is a Google Apps Marketplace app, the process of granting privileges to access and use Aprigo NINJA for Google Docs is fully protected. Administrators can also immediately remove or disable the application at any time. Aprigo NINJA for Google Docs does not scan the content of documents or the information contained therein. It collects only the document's metadata -- such as its name, owner, or collaborator -- so sensitive corporate data is never compromised. Additionally, Aprigo NINJA for Google Docs protects against the threat of security breaches as the application is accessed over encrypted transport (HTTPS) and any retrieved metadata leverage secure, published Google Docs APIs, and encrypted transport. This eliminates the vast majority of external (i.e. outside domain) exposure.

For more information, visit www.aprigo.com.

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