Updated Evident Software ClearStone Gives Users Customizable Real-time Visibility, Multi-App Control

Version 4.4 introduces information model builder, management framework tools

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An enhanced and expanded version of Evident ClearStone software that allows users to incorporate the management and monitoring of third-party or custom Java applications has been released by Evident Software.

Evident ClearStone version 4.4 introduces two new core enhancements -- an information model builder and management framework -- that provide Oracle Coherence and other users with customizable real-time visibility and control across multiple applications from a single tool.>

The information model builder is a simple-to-use tool which allows ClearStone users to build their own data collection and interpretation model to perform real-time monitoring of any JMX-enabled custom application or third-party system including Weblogic, JBoss, and Tomcat. Metrics include middleware performance statistics, custom application statistics, or business-level key performance indicators.

The management framework supports the execution of existing JMX operations, custom scripts, custom test code, and operating system commands that can be easily extended via management plug-ins.

Additional key enhancements to Evident ClearStone include threshold-based monitoring and alerting, support for customized event handling, correlated application metrics with JVM performance, and integrated performance monitoring across multiple disparate applications including historical data export and warehousing.

For information about licensing Evident ClearStone software, visit www.evidentsoftware.com.

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