Cofio Releases AIMstor 2.2

Provides a unified backup with end-to-end data protection

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Cofio Software Inc. has announced an upgrade to its software product, AIMstor, an application that unifies several data protection technologies into a next generation real-time backup and deduplication solution for Windows and Linux environments.

The new release provides:

  • New timeline view of file versions and snapshots, which can be shown together with real-time user touches and modifications to data. Ideal for archive compliance of documents

  • Additional management utilities for its object storage repository

  • Event notification for backup, CDP, replication, and file level activities

  • Real-time tracking and alerts of user file system activities such as deletes, changes, and moves

  • New support for Linux Master, Linux Client, and Linux Deduplicated Repository

  • Client-side snapshots, which can be used for replication nodes to invoke rollback points

AIMstor provides several separate yet fully unified data protection tools. Users can select which tool to use for specific policies, depending on actual business process and workflow requirements, including live or batch backup, to continuous data protection (true CDP), real time replication, and bare metal recovery. Because the repository is fully indexed, it can also serve as an active archive to users for fast file search and retrieval.

AIMstor is targeted at IT managers of small to medium IT infrastructures who seek effective ways of unifying backup, archive, real-time disaster recovery, and compliance of data storage. Cofio pursues sales through resellers, system integrators, appliance vendors, and OEMs. AIMstor version 2.2 is now available for download with registration.

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