Rocket Software Announces Mainstar MXI G2 for z/OS Storage Plug-in

Mainstar plug-in gives MXI G2 users new storage reporting for z/OS DASD farms

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Rocket Software has released a new Mainstar Storage Plug-In module for MXI G2 for z/OS, providing users of MXI G2 with new storage reporting for their z/OS DASD farm.

The Storage Plug-In provides technical staff with access to information about datasets, DASD volumes, pools, SMS classes, and other information critical for your staff’s understanding of the exact health and status of the storage system.

With the new module, technical staff can quickly and easily analyze the storage subsystem from general pool and volume information down to detailed data set information.

The Storage Plug-in module adds even greater functionality to MXI G2 for z/OS. In addition to the Storage Plug-in, MXI customers can optionally add these key plug-ins to MXI G2:

  • TCP/IP: Access information about TCP/IP stacks, connections and listener tasks, FTP activity, TN3270 users and monitor groups, and packet trace records

  • CICS: Access information about CICS regions, CICS active tasks and transactions, CICS storage subpools, and CPU elapsed and wait times for CICS active tasks and transactions

  • DB2: View DB2 subsystem information (version, data sharing, and statistics), access information about DB2 thread statistics and SQL activity information, issue DB2 commands, and cancel threads

  • MQ: Display MQ subsystem information (version and status), view MQ active thread information, and issue MQ commands

  • Storage: Report on data set, volume and pool information providing the ability for proactive management of the DASD farm and critical corporate data.

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