STEC Expands MACH Family of Solid State Drives

STEC MACH16 SSDs advance high-performance, high-reliability enterprise storage and server systems

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STEC, Inc. has announced the MACH16 SSD product line.

MACH16 SSDs are the latest in the series of MACH family offerings, which include the company's MACH4 and MACH 8 drives. This new line is specifically engineered for Enterprise server OEMS. Featuring an ASIC controller, the MACH16 enables enterprise customers to process more data with less hardware, i.e. fewer servers. These drives also come equipped with STEC's CellCare and Secure Array of Flash Element (S.A.F.E.) technologies.

The MACH16 SSDs deliver sustained performance of 30,000 IOPS at 4K transfer size and maintain endurance beyond the five-year service life that is required for Enterprise-level server environments. The drives also incorporate STEC's proprietary advanced Flash management technology, which enables the drives to negate failure errors and extend Mean Time to Failure (MTTF).

Further enabling the adoption momentum of SSDs within the enterprise server environment, MACH16 products are available in several configurations. With capacities available up to 400GB, the product line is launching with both MLC and SLC media and supports multiple Flash geometries. In addition, the drives will have extended product support. The MACH16 is already being sampled at STEC's top tier of OEM partners.

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