Software AG Delivers New Generation of Business Mashups with ARIS MashZone 2.0

New functionalities cover expanded data access and visualization components

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Software AG has introduced a new version of ARIS MashZone. ARIS MashZone 2.0 supports users in different departments create their own management dashboards for evaluating a wide variety of data. This data can come from different sources and be combined and visualized within just a few minutes. This gives companies a better overview of the interconnections between existing data and allows them greater freedom in preparing key indicators and figures.

MashZone's Web 2.0 approach supports users in developing and using dashboards as a group. The improved information exchange leads to more efficient work and faster decisions. ARIS MashZone 2.0 introduces many new functions:

  • New visualization components: With the integration of Google Maps, users can utilize all the functions of this application. Alternatively, they can also create their own vector maps. Threshold values can be represented better in diagrams, as can comparisons with values from previous periods.

  • Connectivity: Users have expanded access to data sources. With ARIS MashZone 2.0, databases can now be accessed through JDBC. Further data sources include ARIS Business Server and webMethods Optimize.

  • Viewer: In addition to the editor and administrator, now a viewer option with read-only access is available with a less expensive pricing model.

MashZone 2.0 is now available as an Enterprise Edition. It offers rights management to optimize the release process for mashups. The JDBC data source and Active Directory integration also simplify companywide usage. With Enterprise Edition, data and information can be prepared and shared easily. The new functions cover in detail:

  • Access to distributors: Existing organizational structures can be incorporated in MashZone via LDAP to simplify the distribution of access rights

  • Web integration: Users' own mashups can be incorporated on the internet or intranet and published worldwide

  • Simplified access: Users can log in to MashZone with their own personal company network access

For more information on ARIS MashZone 2.0 and the Enterprise Edition, as well as a free download, visit

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