SevOne Releases VM and Java Application Monitoring Tool

New product features all-in-one solution for enterprises, service providers

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SevOne has extended its SevOne Performance Appliance Solution to include monitoring virtual server and Java application environments. This gives customers visibility into both virtual and physical environments, adding to the server and application monitoring capabilities already available in SevOne PAS via SNMP, WMI, and HTTP/URL response-time monitoring.

SevOne's new VM Monitoring plug-in uses the VMware vSphere Web Services API to collect performance statistics from VMware vCenter and ESX/ESXi for monitoring and managing the performance of virtual hosts and virtual machines. Integration with Virtual Center enables a user to view and select any hosts associated with a vCenter for monitoring and can be set up to automatically add new hosts that are added to that Virtual Center. In addition, the company's new JMX plug-in supports the collection of any metrics, which are exported by Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) applications via the Java Management Extensions (JMX) API.

By leveraging the SevOne plug-in architecture and high-frequency polling capabilities, all of the SevOne dynamic baseline, threshold, and alerting capabilities are available for any collected performance indicators. Users can now monitor VMware and Java server and application environments from the same platform that they monitor their entire enterprise or service provider network. Benefits include being able to automatically avoid potential outages, and proactively identify problem infrastructure and applications before end users call the help desk.

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