Liquidware Labs Provides New ‘'No Data Left Behind’' Data Migration Capabilities

New ProfileUnity capabilities further a move to VDI environments

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Liquidware Labs announced expanded migration functionality within Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity, allowing for seamless migration of user data when upgrading to next generation desktops.

ProfileUnity requires no software to be installed to end points and features a database-free architecture that allows both users and administrators of desktop populations to migrate the "good will" that exists on their present desktops (settings, profiles, and data) to their next-generation desktop.

Previously, ProfileUnity could migrate user-authored data from the user profile area of Windows. In v4.6.6, available immediately, ProfileUnity can now migrate any specified file type or directory from any location on legacy desktops in the enterprise to users' secure network file shares. Administrators can specify the file name or path to migrate data from, and can also exclude specified file types from migration.

With the expanded data migration capabilities of ProfileUnity, IT can proactively back up any data type or file to a pre-determined network location before the migration occurs, and remap the default 'save to' location to the same network drive. This ensures that data best practices are continued after migration without any inconvenience to the end user.

ProfileUnity provides full user environment management capabilities to manager user virtualization. The solution also enables organizations to co-exist and migrate user profiles from a version-one profile format (Windows XP, 2000, Server 2003) to a version-two format (Windows Vista, 7, Server 2008).

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