ScaleMP Extends SMP Capabilities to IBM's X3850 X5 Servers

VSMP Foundation 3.0 with the new IBM System x3850 X5 delivers x86 shared memory system

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ScaleMP announced that ScaleMP vSMP Foundation 3.0 is now available on IBM System x3850 X5. Together, vSMP Foundation 3.0 and IBM System x3850 X5 offer customers the freedom to choose the right balance of processing power and memory capacity for workloads and the flexibility to scale virtual systems up as workload demands change.

Based on IBM's X-Architecture and part of the eX5 family, x3850 X5 supports a 1U MAX5 memory expansion unit, which adds an additional 32 DIMM slots per chassis (up to 96 DIMMs / 1.5TB total). Used in conjunction with vSMP Foundation, users can deploy a virtual SMP system with 512 processors, 4,096 cores and 64TB RAM across their x3850 X5 servers.

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