WatchDox for Salesforce Extends Document Security to Sensitive Documents Stored, Shared Via Salesforce

Enables secure document collaboration

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Confidela, the maker of WatchDox -- a document control, tracking, and protection solution -- in association with Salesforce consulting partner and systems integrator Mansa Systems, have integrated WatchDox into Salesforce to enable secure document collaboration via sales and service cloud applications. The Salesforce app, developed by Mansa Systems, lets users apply WatchDox controls to all documents generated, stored, and shared via Salesforce CRM and any application based on platform.

The WatchDox software-as-a-service (SaaS) document control solution prevents data leakage and enables users to track documents and maintain control over them throughout their lifetime. Document owners can set document expiration dates, place watermarks identifying the document’s recipients, and limit their ability to view, forward, copy, paste, or print documents. Integrating such capabilities with business-critical applications such as’s cloud-based CRM solutions supports Confidela’s mission to prevent costly information leaks.

The Salesforce CRM plug-in is another in a series of WatchDox integrations that allow users to securely share and collaborate on sensitive documents wherever they are stored or viewed without requiring software installations. Similar integrations and plug-ins enable WatchDox customers to protect information stored and shared on virtually any cloud storage platform. WatchDox protected documents are also accessible via mobile devices such as Apple’s iPad and iPhone and Android devices.

The WatchDox service integrates seamlessly with Salesforce to provide a native Salesforce experience with an added layer of security to the documents being stored or shared. Additional information is available at or

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