Xiotech’s Hybrid ISE Eliminates Storage Capacity/Performance Trade-off

HDD/SSD hybrid, tiering enable continuous adaptive data placement across storage media.

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Xiotech Corporation today announced the newest member of its ISE technology family, Hybrid ISE. Hybrid ISE combines both hard disk drives (HDD) and solid state disks (SSD) into a hybrid storage pool that delivers consistent, high performance in the face of random and multi-tenant workloads, thanks to continuous adaptive data placement.

Housed in 3U (5.25 inches), Hybrid ISE delivers:

  • Performance and usable capacity per rack unit: More than 60,000 IOPS in 3U, with 14.4TB of usable capacity based on multi-drive groups of 2.5” SAS HDDs and SSDs

  • Linear Scalability to nearly 900,000 IOPS in a rack: 8-10X the IOPS per rack unit than the rest of the traditional storage industry

  • Continuous adaptive data placement: Fully automated, with “set-and-forget” simplicity, Xiotech’s continuous adaptive data placement brings intelligence to tiering. Based on ROI calculations from weighted I/O counts, tiering begins within one minute of I/O and continues to manage the performance requirements of applications in real-time

  • Managed reliability for SSDs: Active and passive recovery-oriented storage methods make it possible to offer a five-year hardware warranty for a system containing SSDs; all drives utilize full T10-DIF end-to-end data protection with 520 byte sectors

  • No added software fees: Continuous adaptive data placement is included in the price of Hybrid ISE

Unlike other enterprise hybrid approaches that collocate HDDs and SSDs in an array, Hybrid ISE integrates HDDs and SSDs into a combined storage pool that serves all volumes and continually improves overall performance to the applications. With a powerful blend of useful performance and usable capacity, Hybrid ISE eliminates the all-too-common trade-off of incumbent storage architectures. Additionally, Hybrid ISE can profile application I/O patterns to eliminate storm patterns before they arise and achieve predictable performance regardless of application events.

More information is available at www.xiotech.com.

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