UC4 Software Updates ONE Automation

Simplifies IT automation, uses the power of predictive remediation to recognize and solve potential problems before they affect end users.

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UC4, an independent IT automation software company, has released ONE Automation, designed to help enterprises deploy, manage, and extend automation technology across the enterprise. Simultaneously, UC4 announced general availability of the UC4 Automation Platform version 9. The UC4 Automation Platform supports the most databases, applications, and operating systems for companies requiring end-to-end enterprise automation.

Since most automation cannot address more than one area of infrastructure automation, enterprises must purchase multiple tools, making it difficult to orchestrate application process requirements and infrastructure availability. UC4 unifies enterprise application and infrastructure automation functionality onto a single platform. With UC4, users architect and control the execution of application process flows, then orchestrate the underlying infrastructure to meet required service levels. ONE Automation eliminates the cost and complexity of managing multiple tools, frees staff for more productive work, and improves service delivery by creating more agile and responsive IT infrastructure.

The UC4 Automation Platform version 9 includes a broad range of run book and application release automation functions, enhancements to managed file transfer and intuitive ease-of-use features to quickly create or modify automation process flows. The UC4 Automation Platform ships standard with purpose-built solutions for the most critical areas of enterprise automation: job scheduling, application process automation, run book, virtualization management, managed file transfer, and application release automation.

Jason Liu, CEO of UC4, told Enterprise Strategies, “One of our strengths is that we can perform predictive remediation so that potential problems don’t turn into actual problems. We can perform many of the steps ourselves -- especially the ones that would not alarm an IT professional. For example, consider an automobile. An automation system that turns on a car’s lights at night wouldn’t surprise a driver; likewise, we can perform actions in the data center to relieve IT of mundane, ordinary tasks.”

The UC4 Automation Platform includes:

  • Quality-of-Service control: Context-aware automation with event sensing, pattern mapping, and policy-based management

  • Decision Support: Root cause analysis, workload analysis and reporting

  • Job Scheduling: Support for more than 19 different operating systems and hypervisors

  • Application Process Automation: Rapid implementation with standardized process templates for popular ERP and industry applications

  • Run Book: A broad range of pre-packaged functions for the most critical data center operations

  • Virtualization Management: Capacity provisioning and integration to System Center and vCenter

  • Application Release Automation: Process flows, packaging, release and patch deployment

  • Managed File Transfer: High-performance transfer from any platform with encryption, compression, and check point restart

More information is available at http://www.uc4.com.

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