Twist Update Improves Automated Agile Testing

Maintains functional test suites for increasingly complex test applications.

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ThoughtWorks Studios has updated Twist, the company’s automated test solution. New features help development teams release quality software faster through improved support for larger and more complex test suites, and new feedback capabilities that allow teams to build test suites in conjunction with Twist’s refactoring support.

Twist provides an intuitive user experience to create highly robust and reusable test automation frameworks for both manual and functional automated tests. Along with Mingle (Agile project management) and Go (Agile release management), Twist is an integral part of ThoughtWorks Studios’ Agile ALM solution. It provides continuous visibility into testing activities across distributed projects and teams, and supports enterprise Agile projects by combining requirements and test specification management and creation. Twist provides a reusable, multi-platform testing capability that ensures testing keeps pace with application development through increased visibility and feedback of Agile testing activities throughout the application lifecycle.

New features in Twist 2.2 include:

  • Scenario Analyzer: Users can analyze test suites and identify patterns of test steps that are repeatedly used within a test suite. They can use the existing "extract concept" and "push-to-implementation" refactoring features to simplify the structure of the test suite.

  • Saved Filters: Users can organize tests by saving tag combinations. Users can more efficiently manage test suites through improved navigation when reading and maintaining tests.

  • Record Multiple Steps: Recording multiple test steps sequentially in the same recording session enables faster recording while ensuring that tests are recorded at an atomic level, making them easier to maintain than traditional record and playback tools.

Twist 2.2 also:

  • Improves usability when creating and maintaining workflow fixtures

  • Makes auto-complete available for parameter

  • Provides visual reporting for contexts

  • Enables word wrap in the scenario editor

  • Shows contextual data for concepts

  • Improves usability for refactoring features

With Twist, teams now can evolve maintainable functional test suites to test complex applications, with tests that are written in the language of business, not code. It is commonly used as a bridge from manual to automated functional testing, and to support the maintenance of large complex test suites.

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