Platform Computing Updates Distributed SOA Middleware Solution, Platform Symphony

Faster, easier, less costly development and testing for applications allows customer to get the most from their existing applications.

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Platform Computing, a cluster, grid, and cloud management software vendor, has launched the latest version of Platform Symphony. Version 5.1. Platform Symphony, an enterprise-class SOA management software solution, provides application services on a highly scalable grid. Platform Symphony accelerates both business and financial risk-based processes and reduces latency to perform complex computations over grids in near real-time. Optimized for performance, high availability, and manageability, Platform Symphony handles throughput requirements for a wide range of workloads and delivers a significantly reduced total cost of ownership for business and risk-based applications.

Today’s climate of increased economic and regulatory challenges is driving organizations to reevaluate their approaches to risk management and compliance. Due to the increasing complexity of products and portfolios, risk managers must develop more risk calculations and scenarios even faster for near-immediate decisions and transactions. Greater data volumes and complexity have also created a demand for powerful, flexible systems that provide accurate, real-time, counter-party risk assessments while lowering overall operating costs and increasing quality and agility.

Platform Symphony enables a variety of business and financial risk applications, including real-time pricing, value-at-risk, and Monte Carlo simulations, to better manage risk factors such as liquidity, credit, market, and operations factors. In industries where analytics are required, Platform Symphony provides distributed computing workload solutions for analytics processing, such as complex event processing (CEP), extract transform and load (ETL), and business intelligence. Unlike other solutions that perform slower and do not have resource sharing facilities, Symphony provides operational agility and resource sharing capabilities to meet any workload demand.

New features in Platform Symphony 5.1 include:

  • Faster, easier, less costly development and testing for applications allows customers to retain investments in existing applications

  • GPU support for the intelligent graphics processing unit (GPU) workload scheduling exposes available resources at the enterprise grid orchestrator (EGO) software layer. The Platform Symphony Software Developer Kit (SDK) also adapts GPU-aware CUDA applications to make these applications callable as Symphony services.

  • Improved scalability and performance limits; Platform Symphony can manage 10,000 services per application, 40,000 cores per cluster (5,000 hosts) and 300 applications per cluster.

Platform Symphony 5.1 is available now. For more information, visit

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