Sophos Enterprise Products Target IT Security

New mobile encryption available for Android devices, iPhones, and iPads.

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IT security and data protection company Sophos today released several new and enhanced enterprise products. The company's new offering -- Sophos Mobile Control -- provides lightweight device protection on a broad range of popular mobile platforms, including Apple iPhones and iPads, Google Android, and Windows Mobile devices.

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise, which provides encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) for desktops, laptops, and removable media, now includes comprehensive management of all encryption options that fully support hardware drives, including Opal, software-based encryption, and hardware-encrypted USB.

Enhancements to the latest version of Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection provide increased performance and protection features. Here's a breakdown of each new and updated product:

Sophos Mobile Control:

  • Secures mobile devices by centrally configuring security settings, enabling lockdown of unwanted features; it also provides remote over-the-air lock or wipe if device is lost or stolen
  • Enables consistent security policy enforcement, password policy and lock period, control and installation of applications, blocking use of cameras, browsers, and sites such as YouTube
  • Eliminates administrative burden with a self-service portal that allows end users to register new devices and lock or wipe lost or stolen phones
  • Controls the access to corporate e-mail via a secure gate allowing only properly secured and registered devices to access e-mail

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise:

  • Enables faster initial encryption with optimizations by providing up to 30 percent faster read/write throughput on solid state drives compared to the previous version
  • Supports Opal self-encrypted hard drives managed by the SGN Management Console
  • Reduces performance overhead with multiple central processing unit (CPU) processors running in parallel to minimize performance overhead of encryption and decryption
  • Simplifies administration tasks, enabling them to be completed without user interaction and/or the management center application being opened; it also includes Active Directory synchronization, automatic event-log deletion, and enables scheduling of custom scripts for reoccurring tasks

Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection 9.7 (Sophos ESDP):

  • Provides automatic location-aware intelligent updating for mobile workers -- regardless of where they are with no need to configure
  • Extends tamper protection through additional device control and data-loss prevention to help stop users from turning off key Sophos protection features, including anti-virus protection, updates, and client firewall
  • Minimizes computer CPU and disk I/O usage during scans to keep end-users productive while optimizing performance when they are active or away, allowing IT to run scans at any time

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