Raxco Software Releases PerfectDisk 12

Updated version offers virtual and physical disk defrag and optimization solutions.

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Raxco Software has released PerfectDisk 12, the latest version of its performance and storage management product line for home and business. PerfectDisk 12 includes several enhancements and new features to help users keep their PCs, laptops, servers, and virtual environments running at optimal performance. The PerfectDisk 12 product family has editions for home users, home offices, SMBs, and large enterprises. All PerfectDisk 12 products are available immediately.

New capabilities and enhancements in PerfectDisk 12 include:

  • New OptiWrite technology prevents most fragmentation on your drive before it occurs by detecting when Windows is going to fragment files and intelligently redirects I/O so that most fragmentation does not occur. The technology can minimize free space fragmentation while preventing file fragmentation.
  • The exclusive StealthPatrol tab is used to set automatic fragmentation prevention and optimize your system when it isn't busy. Users can select the desired automation settings in one location and PerfectDisk 12 will run in the background to keep all drives optimized and running at peak performance.
  • Improved SSD optimization specifically focuses on free space consolidation without defragmentation of files to improve write performance. SSD optimization is included free of charge in all editions of PerfectDisk 12.
  • Enhanced capabilities to optimize virtualized environments through auto detection and configuration of PerfectDisk based on virtual hard drive type including thin provisioned drives, linked clones and non-persistent drives.
  • New Short Stroke method allows support for thin provisioned drives.
  • New Zero Fill Free Space capability to assist with migration from physical to virtual environments, shrinking virtual drives and the recovery of valuable disk space.

The PerfectDisk 12 product line introduces the new PerfectDisk 12 Professional for Networks which includes the PerfectDisk 12 Enterprise Console for central management and control of all systems throughout the enterprise. PerfectDisk 12 Server and PerfectDisk 12 Exchange also integrate with the PerfectDisk 12 Enterprise Console, which is included as a free add-on to all PerfectDisk 12 Server and Exchange purchases.

For more information, visit www.raxco.com.

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